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Kid's Virtual Classes and Camps

We're Doing It On Zoom! 

 We've anticipated this and have been working on transferring our camps to an online platform. Join us via Zoom for a hands-on creative and social experience. Even though some camps won't be able to use sewing machines, or at least they'll be optional if you have one and already know how to use it, we're really excited at the possibilities. We're making up kits for all the camps that can be picked up or shipped to your home (free delivery in Evanston). Each kit will include everything kids will need to follow along and make the projects; needles, thread, fabric, instructions, whatever your project requires. (Ok, you'll need your own scissors, but not very often.) And since kids can join us from anywhere (ANYWHERE!), find a cozy spot in the kitchen, living room, your room, the backyard, the porch, the park, the get the idea. As long as they can focus on what we're doing and join in on some positive and playful conversation, we're all set. The presence of an adult is not required but may be helpful once or twice between camp meetings (threading elastic!).


Morning Camps begin at 9:30am and end at 11:45am with a 15 minute break in the middle. Camps for 8-12 year olds will work on two sets of projects; one in the first half and another, likely a face covering, in the second half of each meeting.  

Afternoon Camps will begin at 1pm and end at 3:15pm with a 15 minute break in the middle.

Machine Sewing for Teens and Tweens: If a camp is designated for machine sewing, you will need access to a working sewing machine during each camp meeting. Machine sewing campers will need to know basic sewing machine operation for beginner machine sewing camps, and Intermediate camps will require previous sewing experience and confidence with your sewing machine.

Cost: All camps $215 including all materials EXCEPT Luna Pants -- we want you to choose your own fabric for the Luna Pants Camps. If you're in any other camp, you'll be given color choices for fabric and embroidery thread/yarn for your kit. 


Week 1 Mornings June 8 - 12: Apron (8-12y) Hand Sewing 

Week 2 Mornings June 15 - 19: Zakka Little Things Banner and Mask (8-12y) Hand Sewing 

Week 2 Afternoons June 15 - 19: Teen and Tween Beginner All About Bags Machine Sewing (11-15y) 

Week 3 Afternoons June 22 - 26: Hand Crafting Embroidery, Yarn Dying, Knitting (optional) and Weaving (8-15y) Hand Work

Week 4 Mornings June 29 - July 3: Gathered Skirt with Pockets (8-12y) Hand Sewing 

Week 4 Afternoons June 29 - July 3: Teen and Tween Luna Jogger Pants Intermediate Machine Sewing (11-15y)

Week 5 Mornings July 6 - 10: All About Bags (8-12y) Hand Sewing

Week 5 Changed to MORNINGS! July 6 - 10: Teen and Tween All About Bags Machine Sewing (11-15y)

Week 6 Mornings July 13 - 17: Quilted Projects (8-12y) Hand Sewing 

Week 6 Afternoons July 13 - 17: Teen and Tween Intermediate Knitting (11-15y)

Week 7 Mornings July 20 - July 24: Softies (8-12y) Hans Sewing 

Week 8 Mornings July 27 - July 31: SOLD OUT Teen and Tween Luna Jogger Pants Intermediate Machine Sewing (11 - 15y)

Week 9 Gathered Skirt for Hand sewists mornings August 3-7 Oops! SPACE AVAILABLE!

Week 10 Mornings August 10 - 14: SOLD OUT Hand Crafting (8-12y) Embroidery, Yarn Dying, Knitting (optional) and Weaving Hand Work 


Registration and Cancellation: Enrolling in a camp secures your child's space. You may withdraw with no penalty up to 3 weeks before the first day of a scheduled camp. After that, and within 3 weeks of the first day of a camp, you may withdraw minus a $75 cancellation fee.