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The Re:fashion Wardrobe

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Every year, tons of clothing are sent to landfill, much of it owing to fast fashion and our desire to throw away clothes that aren’t considered 'fashionable'. In this book, learn how to alter or completely deconstruct once-loved clothes to create edited or entirely new garments and accessories that are not only chic but saving the planet.
Beginning with advice on how to source and analyze existing clothes

Founder of The Refashioners movement and sewing designer Portia Lawrie will then take you step by step through a collection of inspirational garments that she has reworked to show you just how easy it is to refresh and renew any piece of clothing you come across.

In every project, accompanied by stage-by-stage photographs and invaluable tips, see how you can adapt and cut away at tops, trousers, dresses and more to build a stylish, modern capsule wardrobe that you can wear throughout the year.

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