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Not long ago, there was a sewing machine in every home.  Wool was spun into yarn and knit into sweaters, mittens, socks.  People made things to use and share....You can too!


Drop in BYOB Stitch Meet-Ups Every Other Tuesday--Check our Home page for upcoming dates!   


We are dedicated to bringing you a curated collection of modern and imported fabric from quilting cotton to home decor and apparel fabric, hand-dyed yarn, indie patterns and specialty notions. Our products are available online with carrier calculated shipping, and in our brick and mortar store located at:

906 Sherman Ave. Evanston, Il 60202

Who Are We?

Amalia Malos: Founder. 

Abigail Bruxvoort

Sarah Evans has been quilting in the Chicago area for more than 10 years. She is an accomplished designer, piecer, and long arm quilter. Sarah has taught multiple quilting techniques for several years.  

“I find the process of playing with fabric, cutting it up, and sewing it back together to make something new incredibly satisfying.  I also like learning from my mistakes along the way; deciding if they are indeed mistakes, or just unplanned design elements!  I enjoy the creative process of helping others develop their passion and skills using needle and thread.  

Sarah is a member of the Chicago Modern Guild and is a Past President.  She lives in Skokie, IL, is mom to Zane, a boy who hasn’t met a round object that couldn’t be turned into a fun game and wife to Frank, who loves numbers as much as she loves petting fabric.  You can see more of Sarah’s process and work on Instagram @SparklesaxDesigns.  

Peta Minerof-Bartos is a lifelong crafter and quilter. In fact, she just can’t remember a time when she didn’t quilt. With an eye for repurposing and using unconventional materials Peta found herself at home with the Chicago Modern Quilt guild. She recognized her “tribe” in the community of modern quilters who encouraged her to improvise and make up her own rules. Peta has served on the board of the CMQG as Vice President, President and Past President.

Peta sews and embroiders on her beloved Janome 12000MCP. She is also an accomplished long-arm quilter. She enjoys the challenge of creating and editing digitized computer designs. Her quilts have hung at Quilts Inc, Fine art of Fiber, Machine Quilter’s Expo Midwest and most recently at EvanstonMade in 2017.

Peta feels that quilting has given her so much more than a hobby. It has become a way to express herself, communicate and connect with people all over the world.

Peta has a love-hate relationship with glitter.

Follow Peta's adventures on Instagram @PetaQuilts   or her blog at

Helena Orsorio is a life-long crafter, sewer and lover of children. She enjoys working through new patterns to understand the concepts behind the construction. She loves making one-of-a-kind neck ties for her husband.

Alice Swan learned to knit and sew as a child so she could make an extensive wardrobe for her Cabbage Patch Kids and has been doing both ever since. In her non-knitting time, she's a mom and a test prep tutor, and she rarely leaves home without a knitting project tucked in her purse, just in case she has a few free minutes.