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Not long ago, there was a sewing machine in every home. Wool was spun into yarn and knit into sweaters, mittens, socks. People made things to use and share...You can too!


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We are dedicated to bringing you a curated collection of modern and imported fabric from quilting cotton to home decor and apparel fabric, hand-dyed yarn, indie patterns and specialty notions. Our products are available online with carrier calculated shipping, and in our brick and mortar store located at:

904-906 Sherman Ave.

Evanston, Il 60202


Classes: Who Are We? 

Cindy Anderson

Cindy still remembers the birthday she received a chain stitch sewing machine rather than an EasyBake Oven. It was the start of a on-and-off love affair with sewing. She has sewn very odd ‘70s jumpsuits, great quilts, lots and lots of curtains, and clothes for herself and her dogs. Cindy comes by her sewing talents honestly: during the Depression, her grandmother sewed copies of elegant dresses from Field’s; later, her mother sewed much of Cindy’s childhood wardrobe, including a great dress with four inch lace at the ends of the sleeves (held back with rubber bands during dinner). Cindy is now a PhD candidate (ABD) in Architecture and adjunct faculty at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is trained in Landscape Architecture, business and engineering; she sews, knits, makes pots and jewelry. Cindy has lived and worked in Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Israel, Czech Republic and Slovakia. And she sewed curtains everywhere she went.


Grace Cocking 

Gnome Depot Fiber 

Knitting and Crochet instructor


Sarah Evans 

Sarah Evans has been quilting for more than 16 years. She is an accomplished designer, piecer, and long arm quilter. Sarah has taught multiple quilting techniques for several years.  She is a member of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild and is a Past President.  Sarah lives in Skokie, IL, where she operates her quilting studio, SparklesaxDesigns.  You can see more of Sarah’s process and work on Instagram @SparklesaxDesigns.

Robinlee Garber 

A mixed-media artist who discovered needle felting at an art fair almost 13 years ago, and has not stopped obsessing about it since. “It’s both a sculptural and painterly material,” she says, “and the possibilities to create both decorative and functional art objects are endless.” Robinlee is originally from Philadelphia and has a BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University, but she has been living and working as a professional artist and musician in Chicago for over two decades. 


Lynn Garrett

A data analyst by day and a knitter by night, you can often find Lynn knitting a pair of socks on a commute downtown or knitting a sweater while winding down in the evening with their dog Franklin. Lynn has been teaching knitting since 2016, and enjoys working with knitters of all skill levels!


Megan Hamm

Megan discovered weaving in the storage room of her first elementary art teaching position in 2011. She knew she had to teach herself how so she could teach her students, and fell in love with the process, working off a cardboard loom and cast off yarns. Eleven years later, she has honed her craft, creating commissioned wall hangings and selling at art markets. She has taught countless students, both young and old, about the joys of weaving. When she’s not sinking her fingers into squishy yarns, she is creating with her daughters, reading, and spending time outdoors with her family. 


Melina Lindsey

Melina has been sewing and making things for as long as she can remember. She learned to sew as a child from her maternal grandmother, an imposing 5-foot-tall woman who had a gift for making everything beautiful. Melina has a background in education and loves using her teaching experience to help fellow sewists develop their skills.


Jeannie Sanke

Jeannie credits spinning with giving her a much broader perspective on yarn and knitting. Although she has a PhD in 18th century German Satire, Jeannie devotes much of her time to her other passion, spinning and all things fiber, which she finds meditative and soothing. She is known for processing exotic fibers. She and her business, Knit Your Dog (yep, exactly what it sounds like), were even featured in GQ Magazine in January 2020.

Alice Swan 

Alice learned to knit and sew as a child so she could make an extensive wardrobe for her Cabbage Patch Kids and has been doing both ever since. In her non-knitting time, she's a mom and a test prep tutor, and she rarely leaves home without a knitting project tucked in her purse, just in case she has a few free minutes.


Amalia Malos


Founder. After a career in Culinary Arts, Food Science and Non-Profits, Amalia combined her skill sets, and love of all things fiber and textile, to create Evanston Stitchworks. Dedicated to fostering the joy of making through dynamic classes, a curated collection of modern and imported fabric, unique fiber, and all the stitchy things.